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Introducing… Untamed Melodies

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I’ve lived the majority of my life dreaming of being a writer – of telling my stories to the world, ending up on New York’s Best Selling Authors, having my stories turned into feature-films… the whole nine. I remember being locked in my parents’ office during middle and high-school using the shared family PC, back in the days of dial-up when Mom constantly interrupted my writing because she had to make a phone call. Back then, I was writing fan-fiction for a favorite TV couple. I had ProBoards site and everything which helped me engage with other fans, some of whom are people I follow on social media to this day. I look back, over 10 years later, and I am in awe of: 1) how much complete strangers seemed to truly enjoy what I wrote and 2) how human connection can transcend time and place, due in large part, to the Internet.

I’ve talked about starting a blog for years now. It’s been all talk. I could rattle off the list of excuses that I came up with [to continue to put off what I now see was inevitable], but I’ll spare you. Just know, this blog has been a long time coming. It has been manifesting in me for nearly a decade; but, something about 2017 got me into a different mindset than all these years in the past.

All year long, I kept coming back to the same question: “Is this it?”

My year in review (in sequential order): Got new roommates. Got promoted at work. Got shafted when it came to the increase in salary for that promotion. Got my heart broken like I never would have imagined possible. Started to take more of an interest in taking care of myself. Started, and maintained, a plant-based diet after watching the Netflix documentary, What the HealthStarted running againStarted reading self-help books in what little spare-time I had between full-time work, full-time school, and my side hustle. Started meditating. Started seriously writing my novel, which has also been talked about for years.

Did you notice the switch from “got” to “started”???

My perceptions of the first part of this year was that life was happening to me. I missed my old roommate like crazy, I was stressed out at work for a variety of reasons, from resistance of staff to self-doubt, and I was reeling from a breakup that I never saw coming. That was my breaking point, mainly because the one person I sought refuge in was no longer a part of my life, at least not in the same way. I felt so out of control and all the while, every day, the voice in my head was still there questioning:

Is this it?”

But, something came over me and I just knew that I had to stop being a victim of my circumstances and start making changes. Once I did, I found myself realizing that “this” would only be “it” if I let it be.

Finally, after watching a live-stream of a talk by Gabrielle Bernstein (inspirational life-coach and author of Spirit Junkie,  among many others), I had this feeling come over me, which Gabby would say was my ing, or “inner guide” speaking to me.

Start your blog,” my ing said.

I didn’t question or hesitate. One of my best friends, Ashley Sharie, Chief Brand Organizer of Aspire Business, and I immediately started brainstorming names for my blog via text message. After probably an hour of back and forth, playing on words and puns with my name, nicknames, etc., we settled on a few solid options, but none of them were screaming, “I’m the one!” Ashley assured me that it would come to me. About two weeks later, I was pulling into my driveway after a long day at work and a voice said, “untamed melodies.” I was taken back by the quiet voice, because I wasn’t even brainstorming in that moment – at least not consciously. Within a week, I had reached out to Firenza (aka The Girl w/ Big Hair), an old coworker, to see if she would do my makeup for a photo-shoot that me and my colleague, and more appropriately, my dear friend, Kyara had planned. Check out her photography at A Lab House Production. She is beyond talented and I’m so proud of her for making her passion and dream a reality.

The day before my photoshoot, I bought my domain. All of a sudden, my dreams of starting a blog were becoming a reality, and simply because I finally started to bring them to life. No excuses, just action. I didn’t flinch at the thought of spending $74.35 on my domain, one year of hosting, and domain privacy. I didn’t question whether people would care about what I had to say. I didn’t ponder how there might be days, or even weeks, when I’m not inspired to write. Instead, I surrounded myself with people women who are boss ass bitches in every sense of the word; and then, I committed myself wholly to this dream of telling my stories.

If I had to give you any indication of what to expect from my blog, I’d say a cross between:

  1. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, but with Samantha’s foul mouth and brutally blunt, unfiltered persona.
  2. Andie Anderson from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – “How To” Girl who wanted to write about things that “matter”
  3. Taylor Swift… because the men in my life have inspired so many melodies of my own.

So, in a nutshell… you can expect to read about everything from my adventures in love to my passion for non-profit organizations that have a mission to educate children across the globe. You can also expect ridiculous stories a la Carrie getting broken up with by a post-it and “arrested for smokin’ a doobie” in the same day. Along the way, I intend to share products, ideas, and content, in general, that have inspired me or made a difference in my life.

I’ve always told stories through writing. Ask anyone who has ever texted with me – I write novels and back before smartphones, this meant that those on the receiving end of my texts were receiving a string of messages: 1 of 6, followed by 2 of 6, and so on. Now, they just have to scroll, likely multiple times, to see my entire message. I say all of this to say that writing is a part of me and has been since I was 14 years-old writing fan-fiction for a soap opera couple (all my General Hospital fans, STAND UP!).

Anyway, I am finally committing to sharing this part of me with the world. To telling my stories. Good, bad… funny, sad… short, long… tragic, uplifting… you’ll find it all here. So grab a glass of wine, or your adult beverage of choice, and indulge in my untamed melodies.

Featured Image by: Arnel Hasanovic
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  1. Mewanieeee!! This is so inspirational to always do what you want. You know I’m not a reader, yet I can’t stop reading your blog and can’t wait for more. I’m so happy for you ! ❤️

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