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I Spent $200 on My First Fix from Stitch Fix

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As you all read a few weeks back, I opened an account with Stitch Fix (check out my blog, My Experience Getting Started on Stitch Fix for how it all went down).

My Stitch Fix arrived three days early. I was super pumped to get the e-mail notification that it had been delivered Friday around lunchtime. Then again, I was also slightly concerned by the fact that I had planned to drown in a bottle – or two – of wine that night. Alcohol leads to bad decisions, such as buying the entire Fix. I shrugged that thought off though… “Nothing will fit and you probably won won’t like any of it anyway. You totally botched your Style Survey by guessing on half of the measurements like ‘jean waist’ and by not having any legitimate style preference” I reasoned.

Nonetheless, I raced home and per usual, popped open a bottle of wine within five minutes of walking in the door. After a bad day at work, it’s honestly the first thing I do, even before I remove my coat.

I was impressed with how nicely everything was packaged. They definitely spend a lot of time and attention on presentation. Fair enough… girls love things that are pretty. However, I also love things that are cheap, so if costs could be cut at all to save money on packaging, I’m all for it!

I was also stoked that they sent a pre-labeled Priority Mail envelope. And by this, I don’t just mean the label was in the box, it was actually already put on there for me. I guess they figure if I’m lazy enough to not shop for myself, I’d also be too lazy to peel a label and stick it on the envelope they gave me. I say this in all seriousness. I loved that this was done for me and knew that I should immediately get ready to fill it with all the clothes that didn’t fit or that I didn’t like.

I read the message from “Mariah” and looked at the card of all my potential outfits. On the picture, the Addison Skinny Jean by Just Black looked a lot pinker than I would have liked, but in person, they were the perfect shade of mauve. The Tulare Cold Shoulder Pullover by Pinque immediately caught my attention with the cut-outs in the shoulder.

I quickly tossed this aside and began ripping open the beautiful packaging like a kid on Christmas. I started with the necklace. Eh, I didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it, though. It was a mixed metal (gold and silver) which was different for me, but I guess I did say during my Style Survey I had an equal share of both in my current collection. That’s not saying much though, considering my current collection consists of three necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and a seven or eight rings. Either way, I was sure it wasn’t worth the price.

Garment after garment, sip after sip of wine, I was more and more astonished. Why did everything fit me? Why was everything so perfectly my “style” which I was now coining as edgual (edgy and casual)? Gotta love how I suddenly had a style that I didn’t have just a week prior.

I tried the pants on last, knowing they’re what I would want to fit the most. I slid one leg in… and then the other, pulled them up over my wide-ass hips, zipped them with ease and stared at myself in the reflection, making note of how contained my belly and love-handles were. I then did what I know every other girl in America does when a pair of pants fit them just right. I began dancing in the mirror like “Ayyyyyy!”


I retreated to my living room to escape the chaos of clothes, tissue paper, and Fix notes strewn about. I sat down with the payment slip and decided that Stitch Fix – coupled with the bottle of wine I had finished by this point – would not get the best of me… or my paycheck.


I decided I was only buying the pants, the cold shoulder pullover, and the Kristen Open Back Pullover by Rev. The long black cardigan was awkwardly long. I would wear it, but don’t love it enough to keep it and the necklace was, as I suspected, not worth the retail price. But, of course, they have a promo that gives you 25%, but only if you keep all five items. All five items would bring my total to $198.

Taking another sip of wine, I pulled up my phone calculator and added up the total of the three items I actually wanted.  $88 + $46 + $64 = $198…


Well, at least that made the decision easy. All five items, it is! I then went through and gave feedback (to Mariah I assume) on all the items. In particular, I made note that I normally wouldn’t pay $88 for a pair of pants, but when they fit like that… what’s a girl to do besides empty her change purse?


The next day I was still riding a high from how well those pants fit that I decided I would take myself shopping and try to emulate what Mariah had selected for me. Four stores and six hours later, I was incredibly bitter at how I couldn’t find anything. At least I didn’t spend anymore money… But why did Mariah know how to dress me better than I know how to dress me?! She’s never even met me!

Needless to say, I’ve decided that 2018 is the year of Stitch Fix. Take it away, Mariah! I’ll just be over here cleaning out my closet to make room for what you send me.

Have you guys ever tried Stitch Fix? What was your experience? Am I doomed to be spending $200 every month? Gah, the mere thought of $2,400 for the 2018 calendar year is giving me a stomach ulcer.

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