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Where In The Hell Have I Been

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I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting a blog. Shout out to the people who hold me accountable with text messages like, “Uhm, it’s been 17 days since your last blog.” While I am very aware of when I get off [my own self-imposed] schedule, it literally lights a fire under my ass when people are craving more of my melodies. I love that you all love my blog and follow it faithfully.

In return, I’m going to offer a quick explanation of some of the things that have been impeding new posts. And I say all of this to say that the summer will be full of great content. I’m working on sharing some of my favorite vegetarian recipes, talking more about my Stitch Fix subscription, and hell, there are still 28 other roommates for me to talk shit about. Speaking of! FUN FACT: Roommate #30 just moved in and he’s only staying three months. So The Roommate Chronicles may be a never-ending series.

Nonetheless, here’s a quick update on my life:

Well, let’s start with the fact that I GRADUATED!!! Yes, for those closest to me, you will no longer be hearing me complain about how I’m going to fail classes or get bad grades on my papers… only for me to turn around and get 100’s and finish with a 4.000 GPA. I can’t imagine how annoying that must have been for the last two years.

My final paper ended up being 60 pages and I spent an entire weekend at work writing that… I once heard the quote: “Procrastination is like masturbation. You’re only fucking yourself.” However, in my experience, my best work has always been produced at the last minute. Then, when I get perfect scores and rave reviews, this type of procrastination is only positively reinforced. I mean, why stop doing what clearly works?

My class officially ended April 22nd and after that 60 page paper, the idea of sitting in front of a computer screen drafting up blogs actually seemed impossible. I needed a mental break (*cue countless hours of Netflix binges and trash television*).

And if I’m being really real here, the only thing I’ve been “drafting up” recently has been my two-weeks notice from my full-time job. Plenty of coworkers read my blog and that statement will come as no shock to them. In fact, many of them were the ones who talked me down off my ledge. Practically, I know it is not wise to quit my job without anything lined up. But, I really do hate it and apparently so do a lot of others. There has been at least one resignation letter each Friday for the past month or so.

I do have to remember that the month of May is particularly stressful for me and my unit. So, there was about a week straight where I was working late hours and then leaving to go babysit. I’m also still trying to get my bawdie right, in preparation for my cruise which is next week! By the time I was home from babysitting, I’d be working out at damn near midnight and then eating “dinner” and showering. The program I’m doing right now, 80 Day Obsession, features longer workouts than what I was used to in T25. Long story short… there isn’t a lot of time during the week for me to be blogging.

And then I’ve just been acting a fool on most weekends in May. Example:

I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends. What started with “Oh, this will be a classy day. We’ll brunch and sip mimosas!” ended up with me in the trunk of a car because there wasn’t enough room in the front of the car for all of us. We didn’t want to couldn’t afford to pay for a separate Uber because we had all spent too much money on eight rounds of Tequila shots and [insert other adult beverages]. And I’d like to mention that round eight was completely unnecessary, but I demanded the waitress bring us “ONE MORE ROUND! ON ME!”

Side Note: I honestly think my bank account can hear me saying these things and is just shriveling up in some corner wanting to die or packing bags to runaway from home.

Speaking of spending money I don’t have… I got my hair done this past weekend. I’m brunette again, which is my natural hair color. SO many people think I’m a natural blonde and I’m not sure why because they always say this when my brown roots are about three inches down the side of my head?? Anyway, I’ve been flip flopping back and forth for about two years now trying to figure out who has more fun because I’m a Gemini and constantly need change in my life.

That’s right… I’m a proud Gemini, even though we’re one of the most hated signs. And for those who aren’t wanna-be astrologists like myself, that means ya girl has a birthday coming up on June 7 — hence the cruise next week! It’s a joint celebration of:

“I finished my master’s degree!”


“I managed to not die for the last 365 days!”

Very exciting times, I tell you.

I’ve been looking forward to the cruise for months because work has been so motherfucking shitty. Seriously, I’m really excited to be entirely unreachable for seven straight days because this bitch ain’t paying for Wifi that doesn’t even work out in the middle of the Atlantic. And if I do spring for Wifi [so that I can post some obligatory Instagram photos and cheers-ing boomerangs], I sure as hell am not checking my work e-mail.

The only thing I’m here for next week is cruisin’ and boozin’!

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    1. Thank you!!! It has been years since I’ve celebrated my birthday so I’m definitely looking forward to treating myself! 😁 Thanks you for reading and supporting and the early birthday wishes!

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