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Beauty Talk: A Classic Look With Drugstore & High End Products

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So I went to see Beyonce and Beyonce’s husband in concert last weekend. *insert palm-tree emoji to symbolize the shade I just threw* In all honesty, though, someone else on social media (AKA @mattbellassai) phrased it that way and I really liked it. All that being said, they were incredible together – and anyone who questions why she is referred to as Queen Bey… needs to see this woman perform and hear the absolute control she has over her voice when singing live.

Anyhow, today, I wanted to share my look with you all as we enter another summer weekend. This look would be perfect for date-night with the boo, a concert, or even Sunday Funday brunch with the ladies. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that I used a mix of drugstore and high-end products. I’d even go as far to argue that many of the high-end products could be substituted with drugstore brands — I’ll be sure to note which ones.

So here was my finished look. No joke, it’s probably the best job I’ve ever done on my makeup, and that’s why you’re getting so many photos. As Queen Bey would say, I was feelin’ myself.

Now, on to the products I used and in what order:

Maybelline’s Master Prime by FaceStudio (400)

I went to see Taylor Swift in concert a few weeks back and my friend did my makeup for me. I had never used primer before, as I never really bought into the concept. I’m a true believer now. He swears by LA Girl primer as a cheap, drugstore option, but I couldn’t find it, so I settled for this one. I absolutely loved how easy it was to apply the foundation and while I have nothing to compare it to, I liked the price and the result. So it’s a keeper.

Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick (Shade: Light Beige 118) 

So much to say about this. I love that it’s a foundation and concealer in one and that it has a buffer/sponge/pseudo “beauty blender” since I do not have one. Typically, I would use my fingers to spread and blend foundation (recall from Beauty Talk: The 3 Skincare Products I Can’t Live Without that I don’t wear foundation, but instead a tinted moisturizer), so the fact that this has a built-in applicator was a huge selling factor for me. More importantly, it provides full coverage without looking cake-y (i.e., the reason I hate most foundations). I applied two full coats to my face for this look. For everyday wear, I think one coat would more than suffice.

Laura Geller Bronze-N-Brighten Bronzer

This is the first high-end product I used. Mama gave it to me when she wasn’t using it enough in her day-to-day look. I love it because most bronzers I’ve tried have a tint of orange. Laura Geller’s = not a single trace! All that being said, if you have a cheaper drugstore bronzer that works for you, use that! However, this one features self-adjusting tones to match your skin’s complexion and a slight shimmer for natural highlight. I applied to my forehead right around my hair line, used it for a light contour underneath my cheekbones, and right under my jawline. I also took a smaller brush to the sides of my nose — a technique that I always questioned, but now see how it provides a thinning illusion.

IT! Ombre Radiance Blush (Shade: JE NE SAIS QUOI)

Mama put me on to this blush. I use it every day that I put makeup on, no matter what look I’m going for. The ombre gives you some natural highlight among the full color. Clearly, I like products that work double-time allowing me to cut out steps!

IT! Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Mama put me on to this gem. I’ve been using it for… probably over five years now and have never considered another eyebrow pencil. It has been great for me because of how often I change my hair color from blonde, to light brown, to brown, to dark brown. This eyebrow pencil allows you to accomplish whatever shade you need based on the firmness of your application. The precision of the pencil also allows for “hairlike” strokes, leading to a natural brow. It lasts for what seems like forever and the brush on opposite end is great for shaping! All that being said, if you like your drugstore eyebrow pencil, stick with it!

IT! Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eyeshadow Palette

Another one courtesy of Mama! Bless her. I’ve always been a neutral girl when it comes to eyeshadows. This palette is my eyeshadow soulmate. For this look, I used “Love” as my base all across my lid. Then topped it in my crease with “Sunset.” Finished with “Java” on my outer edges and underneath my bottom lids — I do this instead of eye-liner, which is too harsh for my eyes and makes them appear closed off. I typically use the “Transforming Pearl” finish, but didn’t for this look. It literally does the blending for you, but can sometimes dull the vibrant colors. For this look, I really wanted “Sunset” to shine through. Again, this palette is quality, but I think most drugstore eyeshadows would do the trick, too!

IT! Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

This is one high-end product I’ve already talked about in a previous blog: Beauty Talk: The #1 Question I’m Always Asked . I do not own or use drugstore mascara because of the three gems featured in that blog. I have tried drugstore mascaras and even though I’m naturally blessed with full/long eyelashes, drugstore mascaras never give me these type of results. As I mentioned then, IT! Superhero is what I use when I’m really putting on a full-face of makeup and going out to a big event, etc. I highly highly recommend you give it a try!

Laura Geller Fifty Kisses Lip Locking Liquid Color (Shade: Sienna Rose)

I’ve never been huge on lipstick, so I’m no expert on normal lipstick vs. lipstain vs. whatever else might exist. But, I have to say, this stuff stays on. I’ve yet to give Fifty Kisses to anyone while wearing it, but I did chow down on some TGI Fridays appetizers  before the concert. It was still fully intact without any need for a touch-up – even my friend Ashley noticed. I have LG’s Fifty Kisses in four shades. I love the shade Makeout Merlot and the one I’m wearing here was Sienna Rose. I topped with whatever lip-gloss I had laying around as it does tend to dry my lips out a little bit.

LA Girl Setting Spray

Finished the look off with a drugstore product. Much like primer, I had never bought into the whole setting spray phenomenon, but again, I’m a true believer now! Three quick sprays and I was ready to go!

Well there you have it! That’s how I accomplished my #flawless look to go see Beyonce and Beyonce’s husband! Have you tried any of these products? What are your go-to, “can’t live without” makeup brands/products? Do you believe in the hype about primer and setting spray? Comment below!

I think the funniest thing about this entire look is that so many people should be credited… my mom for all that she has taught me about makeup and for supplying me with high-end products; Penny, for doing my makeup at Taylor Swift and introducing me to the power of 1) primer, 2) contouring my nose, and 3) setting spray; my sister, Denise, for gifting me with four shades of Laura Geller’s Fifty Kisses; and of course… Stitch Fix for my outfit.

Literally, I’d be a complete bum without you all!

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