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Three Easy Baby Shower Games That Just Make Sense

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Last weekend, my sister, Denise, and I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, who is expecting in October 2018. My nephew, Weston James, is the first grand-baby on both sides in the immediate family, so needless to say, he is about to be one incredibly spoiled little boy.

Denise did a phenomenal job as the host. I was on the invitation as a “host” but honestly, I just contributed monetary funds and helped facilitate the games. She deserves all the credit of planning… from choosing a theme (Cowboy), buying and making decorations, creating/sending the invitations, cooking and preparing appetizers, and making sure we had all the necessary items for the games we planned to play (i.e., pens, clipboards – for ease of writing, etc.).

This is a picture of myself (right), my sister-in-law (left), and my little nephew, Weston (bottom left), who was kicking up a storm during the games. Safe to say we all had a great time! So I’m dishing on three shower games that you should consider or suggest for the next baby shower you plan for your bestie, sister, or otherwise!

GAME: Guess That Baby Item

Preparation: You’ll need 10 small brown paper bags, 10 baby items (e.g., pacifier, bib, booties, nail clippers, teething ring, bulb syringe, etc.), and pen and paper for each guest.

Premise: Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen, then pass around the numbered bags. Guests write down what they think is in each bag without opening them. They can only feel the item. Once everyone has made a guess for all 10 bags, the Mommy-to-Be, or host, will open them one at a time and reveal what’s inside. Whoever guesses the most wins. Tip: Before starting, have guests guess how many items they will get correct. This can serve as a tie-breaker.

Why It Makes Sense: Because the Mommy-to-Be will inherit 10 basic items that she’ll need to care for her new baby! It is also fun to see how the guests struggle to guess the items. Many at our party were puzzled because it had been so long since they had been a mother to a young infant. At this point, so many baby items have changed entirely and everyone got lots of laughs at how outlandish their guesses were!

GAME: Daddy Knows Best

Preparation: You’ll need to come up with a list of questions to ask the Daddy-to-Be. We used these:

1. What has been [Mommy-to-Be]’s biggest food craving during pregnancy?
2. What’s one word that would describe [Mommy-to-Be]’s mood while pregnant?
3. How many diapers do you think your baby will go through in the first year?
4. Will you or [Mommy-to-Be] be more likely to be the parent who says “No”?
5. What year do you think you’ll buy your first mini-van?
6. What age will [Baby] take his first fishing trip [or other activity that Daddy-to-Be enjoys]?
7. What will [Baby] be when [he/she] grows up?
8. What are you most looking forward to about being a dad?

Premise: Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen, and have them go through each question and write down a response. Once everyone is done, allow the Mommy-to-Be to give her best guesses on these answers before revealing the Daddy-to-Be’s responses. The person with the most correct, wins!

Why It Makes Sense: Because it’s quick, easy, and entertaining! My brother’s answer to what year he will own a mini-van was “NEVER.” Lol! Weston will be in the bed of his daddy’s truck, probably chillin’ in the boat. More importantly, many baby showers don’t include the Daddy-to-Be on the invitation list, so this is a great way to have him there in spirit!

GAME: Gift Bingo

Preparation: Everyone knows this classic game. Create various Bingo Cards by inputting potential baby gifts (choosing from the Mommy-to-Be’s baby registry makes sense) in each square. Everyone should have a slightly different Bingo Card with the same items, but in different squares.

Premise: While the Mommy-to-Be is opening presents, have the guests mark off the items on their Bingo Card. Whoever gets five in a row wins “BINGO!” and gets the prize. Note: Our prizes for each game were “Cowboy Cookies” (ingredients in a jar, with the recipe attached. My sister is the — book her as your next party planner, for real!

Why It Makes Sense: Because it keeps all guests engaged in the gift-opening. I’ve been to plenty of showers where people get up for more food/drinks or are having quiet side conversations among each other. This game gives incentive to pay attention to each gift being opened! I mean, who doesn’t love prizes, especially when they look like THAT!

Taken altogether, these games we played were also perfect for introverts, or individuals who may not know a lot of other guests. There wasn’t any requirement to team up with others or move around the room a lot. It just required them to do some individual thinking and if they didn’t feel like sharing their answers on either game, they could just sit and listen. They leave nobody feeling uncomfortable.

Ultimately, one quick search on Pinterest and you’ll find endless baby shower games. One game that everyone seems to do (at least at showers that I have been to) is the melted candy-bars in a diaper. To me, games like this don’t seem practical. You’re just wasting diapers and wasting candy-bars, and quite frankly, wasting candy-bars like that should just be a crime. Give these practical games a try instead!

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2 thoughts on “Three Easy Baby Shower Games That Just Make Sense

  1. Nice one hear Mel. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try these games whenever I help plan a shower and suggest them to others. Btw, you and mom-to-be look lovely!

    1. Hi Huboshi,

      Thanks for reading! It was so much fun – I think these games would be a hit at any baby shower. I think my favorite was Daddy Knows Best. I actually “won” with the most correct answers, but obviously as a host, we gave the prize to a guest. And thank you! She was glowing and so cute with her bump! <3


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