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Beauty Talk: How Have I Lived This Long Without MONAT Hair?!

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About a month ago, a lovely lady named Krista, followed me on Instagram (@kokoskorner_) and DM’d me that she loved my content and positive posts. I quickly followed her back, as I loved her content as well. Pretty quickly, we got to talking about partnering to help promote our brands. She works for the naturally-based hair-care line, MONAT, and as you know, I’m a part-time blogger and always looking for new ways to build my community of followers.

Much like my blogs on Stitch Fix, I like to share brands and products that I truly love. At the moment, I do not make any money in doing so (i.e., brands aren’t paying me to blog about them and say nice things). My only goal is to share what I’m loving at the moment in the hope that my faithful readers will benefit from also giving these products/brands a try.

A few weeks after connecting, Krista put a promotion in her Instagram Story and it caught my attention because I’m a sucker for a good deal, especially when I’m interested in trying something new. I replied to her story that I wanted to try the shampoo/conditioner and she readily provided additional details about how the promotion worked.

After doing some research, I realized I wasn’t ready to commit to being a VIP Customer. While it comes with awesome perks, such as free shipping on all orders over $84, 15% off all orders, free product samples, birthday treats, and so much more, I didn’t want to commit until I knew if I liked the product.

And while I’m sure Krista would have gotten a better “commission” if I had become a VIP Customer, I let her know I preferred to purchase separately. She was completely supportive. I let her know that I loved this about her (i.e., that she was not being a pushy saleswoman) because nothing turns me off more than feeling forced into a purchase I’m not comfortable with. That has been my experience with LulaRoe, It Works!, and other similar consultants. So pushy and as a result, I do not own LulaRoe or It Works! or other similar companies.

So Krista’s informative and supportive approach was just my style! Moving into my review of the products, I want to provide her site to order! Follow her on Instagram as well and ask her anything and everything. She is so helpful, quick, and best of all, she follows up with you, showing you’re truly a valued customer.

So taking, the non-VIP route also allowed me to try the Revitalize System (for volume) instead of the Hydration System, which my hair does not need… which is kind of ironic considering how much I’ve bleached it over the last few years. But anyway, I anxiously awaited my package in the mail like I do with every online shopping order. Unfortunately, the day I got the notification that my package was delivered, I had to babysit and didn’t get home til 1am. Meanwhile, Krista was anxiously awaiting my update on how I liked it.

Normally, I would have waited to shower til the morning, but we were both just too excited. So, without further ado:


My initial “in-shower” experience was nothing to write home about. I had to use more than the generic “dime-size” recommendation, in order to get enough lather and saturation. This is personal preference, but at the same time, I was trying to use the product sparingly because the containers are much smaller than what I’m used to (8 fl oz. vs. my normal 32 fl oz.) and especially considering the cost of the product. But much like my top beauty products I can’t live without, I know that you get what you pay for.

I’m also going to mention smell here because I know some people who just want their hair to smell good. Being a naturally-based, vegan, hair-care line, I didn’t expect to be having an Herbal Essences commercial experience, but it doesn’t have much of a scent at all to me. All that being said, my hair ended up smelling fresh, as opposed to full of chemicals.

Now, as I communicated to Krista, I care more about the end result than the in-shower experience.


The end result after just ONE use was insane! I could comb my hair without any special leave in conditioner. No tangles or knots. Once I finished blow-drying, the one word I used to describe it was clean. Even my boyfriend commented on how my roots didn’t look oily, heavy, or weighed down like they had been looking as of late. My hair was light as a feather, but still full of body and volume!

It ended up that I was traveling soon after starting use, and I forgot to pack my MONAT products over a long weekend… ended up having to use my friend’s Pantene. Looking back, I’m grateful this happened because it only further highlighted the quality and results of MONAT products!

Now that I have been using MONAT consistently for the last two weeks, I can confidently say my hair has never looked better and never been healthier.

I have even become the type of girl that doesn’t have to wash her hair everyday!!! I have always wanted to be able to do this: wake up on day two and throw some dry shampoo in and be good to go. I’ve even been able to get by with third day hair!! Can we talk about how this offsets the size of the product and expense because I’m not washing as often!?!

I got all inspired last night to write this blog because I was blow-drying my hair and said out loud: “Oh. My. GOSHHHH-UH!” My hair is so much easier to manage now because it’s actually healthy. My ends aren’t fried, I don’t deal with pesky fly-aways, and my hair feels like silk. That’s when I sat down to blog because I just don’t know how I have lived this long without MONAT hair!

Check out these before and after photos if you’re not sold by all of my italicized and underlined and CAPITALIZED words… followed by a bunch of !!!!!!

You all need to give MONAT a try! Be sure to link up and connect with my friend Krista – again HERE is her affiliate link – because she’s the bees-knees and isn’t just looking to make a sale and make money – but instead, looking to help you get beautiful, healthy hair like the women in the photos above! Side note, ya girl over here is about to become a VIP Customer! 🙂

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