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My Only Blogmas Post: Twelve Holiday Date Ideas

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For those outside of the blog-o-sphere, “blogmas” is a time for bloggers to blog daily for the entire month of December. Posts are generally holiday related and some example prompts include: gift guides for him/her, favorite cookie recipes, favorite holiday traditions, etc. I pondered long and hard for a solid two minutes about whether I’d fully participate or participate at all… and naturally, I am falling somewhere right in the middle.

I present to you… My Only Blogmas Post: Twelve Holiday Date Ideas. I wanted to bring you all something a little outside the box. Gift guides and recipes are everywhere, and I can’t really say I have any interesting or unique traditions.

More importantly, this is the first Christmas in over five years that I have had a special someone to celebrate with. Meanwhile, I have a friend who recently informed me that she is juggling multiple Tinder matches right now, so I’m like hey… this blog could be helpful to those in a serious relationship and those who are testing the waters and in need of multiple date ideas. I’d even go as far to say that I’d be happy to go on most of these dates with myself (i.e., for all you single ladies and gents). Except maybe the last one, which is my favorite by the way!

Twelve Holiday Date (HoliDATE) Ideas

  1. Holiday Light Tour: Drive around nearby neighborhoods to see Christmas lights and decorations. Make sure you have an appropriate holiday playlist/album for the road. For those who know me, it should come as no surprise that I’ve been loving John Legend’s A Legendary Christmas and personally think it puts all of Michael Buble’s albums to shame (unpopular opinion, I’m sure).
  2. Ugly Sweater Shopping: Head to the nearest mall, shopping center, or outlets, and walk around [hand-in-hand, if appropriate] on the hunt for ugly Christmas sweaters for each other. Change into them immediately and finish the date at dinner. Ask the waiter/waitress whose sweater is uglier… loser buys dinner!
  3. Bake Favorite Holiday Treats: Choose each other’s favorite holiday treat and make it for each other. Of course, the idea is that you are baking it all together. This can be fun — just toss a little flour in their direction and playfully recreate every holiday rom-com scene ever.
  4. Holiday Photoshoot: Might be a little weird depending on your relationship status, but photos are an amazing way to remember special times. Portrait mode on iPhone is also the capital T-r-u-t-h, so you can always just grab a friend for a few quick, and free, shots.
  5. Hot Chocolate, Netflix, and Chill: This is self explanatory and appropriate for whatever stage in the relationship you may be. I love to be snuggled up on the couch and who doesn’t love a good Christmas classic? Home Alone (1 or 2 only, 3 was an absolute disgrace, and if there are anymore than 3, please just don’t tell me), ELF, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Christmas Story, are some of my favorites.
  6. Rent a Cabin: If you are a fortunate enough soul to be receiving a holiday bonus at work, consider spending it on a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods. Enjoy an “unplugged” weekend together, cozied up by the fire, playing old board games, cooking together, and giving each other massages. Disclaimer: This is not for those of you juggling multiple men/women.
  7. Sleep By The Fireplace: If #6 is too far-fetched, create a living-room oasis with blankets/pillows and sleep next to the fire and Christmas tree. No fireplace? Light some holiday candles, but please, blow them out before bedtime. Also, don’t forget the bottle of wine!
  8. Extravagant Dinner Out: Go to that fancy restaurant you have always avoided because plates are $40 and up. Get dressed up, rent a limo, and let yourself splurge on that $100 bottle of wine. I know this may sound crazy, but if you and your S.O. decide ahead of time to not exchange gifts, you don’t have to feel as guilty for treating yourself to a really nice dinner and experience. Remember, you do not do this every day. In fact, you’ve never been to this restaurant. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, order for each other.
  9. Visit Local Bakery: Wake up early on Christmas Eve and get coffee and donuts from a locally-owned bakery.
  10. Enjoy the Outdoors: Depending on where you’re living, of course, get outside and enjoy the outdoors. If you’ve got snow, build a snowman together. If you’re in a warmer setting, like myself, go out to the beach and watch a sunrise/sunset together. Or just head down to the local market for the annual parade.
  11. Go to a Christmas Paint Night: What’s better than wine and art? Okay, probably wine and bed… BUT this all about getting up and celebrating the joy of the holidays together. I like paint nights because supplies and set-up are done for you. You just show up with booze. The instructors also make sure that those of us who are not artistically-inclined don’t end up wanting to toss our creation into the dumpster outside the building before leaving. That being said, you could recreate paint night at home, but that kind of brings me to my next and final date idea.
  12. Purchase a Love Is Art Kit: This is definitely on my own personal list. The premise is simple: make art while you make love. Just go check out the website. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your favorite date-night during the holidays? Have you done any on this list? Are there any on this list that you may try this year? Tell me all about it below in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “My Only Blogmas Post: Twelve Holiday Date Ideas

    1. I haven’t seen Life Sentence, but very cool! I think the concept is so fun. Would certainly be a story for when grandparents come to town… “Where’d you get that fine piece of art?” ๐Ÿ˜‚

  1. The holidays are my absolute favorite!! This being my first holiday season with my boyfriend I wanted to do IT ALL buuut I slowly realized I can sometimes be overwhelming with my enthusiasm sooo next year I’ll use this list to ease it on him loool

    1. “Overwhelming” is my middle name when it comes to my boo. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I just wanna hug and squeeze him and do ALL the things. But yes! Make it a schedule for weekend dates in December leading up to Christmas. ๐Ÿ’› Thanks for sharing!

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