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[Re]introducing… Untamed Melodies

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As many of you probably saw on social media, January 21st marked ONE full year of blogging.

Meanwhile, about a week and a half ago, a coworker asked me why I chose the word “melodies” in my blog name, since my name is Melanie. And for those OG Day Ones, you read in Introducing… Untamed Melodies about how my blog name kind of just came to me while I was on my way home from work.

This was after weeks of brainstorming clever ways to utilize my name. A lot of Most people call me MEL and I had toyed around with “my MELlifluent life” as a blog name.

I realized that many people probably wouldn’t know what that word even means and I wanted my blog to pique immediate curiosity, but not so much that you were Googling “what does mellifluent mean” instead of visiting my website. It means “sweet or musical, and pleasant to hear” for those curious, but too lazy to look it up.

Mellifluent had major appeal to me because music had always been such a huge part of my life, but not because I’m some closeted, talented singer. Although, I do believe I give Shania a run for her money with my go-to karaoke rendition of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” NOTE: If that statement were on a survey, close friends would unanimously check off the STRONGLY DISAGREE box.


Music just inspires and fascinates me.

For the first two weeks in January 2009 (ten years ago, woof!) Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It) held the number one Billboard spot on the Pop Charts before falling to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. Ten years later, those songs are unforgettable and the second those melodies start, your brain recalls the lyrics without any conscious effort to do so.

Then, there’s also the energy at a concert where thousands of complete strangers are screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs, mostly in unison. It’s so exhilarating that everyone is connected by the music alone.

Music is universal in such a unique way, too. You don’t even necessarily have to know the language of the lyrics to want to dance, tap your foot, or just move to the melody.

Most importantly, I love how music transcends time… in the sense that you can hear a song years later and be taken back to a different time in your life, a specific moment in time, a memory, a feeling. It’s nostalgia at its very best. Music is just powerful.

[On that note, I interrupt this meaningful blog to inform you that I’ll be sharing what I’m currently listening to at the end of every blog from here on out!]

So, there was something about melodies that just felt like it belonged in my blog name. Mellifluent Melodies did cross my mind, y’all, but lawd, try saying that out loud even just once.

I think it was the untamed part that came to me out of nowhere in the car that night after work. Back in the depths of my mind, I’m sure my inner Carrie Bradshaw was being channeled…

It just felt right when it came to me and I realized it perfectly fit what I wanted to accomplish with my blog. In the same way that musicians and songwriters tell a story through lyrics and melodies, I wanted to tell stories that would move you and take you back to a special place in time.

I want them to be so universal that anyone and everyone can see, or perhaps find, a piece of themselves and the person they were always meant to be… simply by reading the words I’ve strung together.

Was it easy to talk about the trauma of starting my period, or losing my virginity? Nah.

Was it easy to talk about being at the bottom of a bottle and in the bed of strangers? Knowing my parents and grandma read my blog… no, I can’t say that was easy.

Was it easy to relive the hurt of painful breakups? Nah, I’d rather not revisit those Ding-Dongs if I don’t have to.

Was it easy sharing my #MeToo story at a time when society was spitting words like “liar” in the face of women who dared to speak up and say “NO MORE”? No, that was the hardest one of all to publish.


They are my melodies. They are my stories.

I can only hope that they resonate with you and inspire you in some way to be exactly who are and make no apologies for it. I hope that, despite life’s [often shitty] circumstances, you find the courage to remain untamed… unbroken… free.

And if you’re ever struggling to do that… well, you know where to find me.

Welcome to YEAR TWO! I’m so happy you’re here!



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10 thoughts on “[Re]introducing… Untamed Melodies

  1. Inspired is an understatement! Thank you for this big..lord knows I have some pretty shitty circumstances going on but they are my melodies..Keep up the good work ❤️

  2. Absolutely LOVE this post. Thank you for being you and for encouraging us all to be ourselves and to live in our truth. You remind us that it’s ok to be vulnerable and transparent sometimes. Such a relatable and inspiring post. Keep doing your thing!

  3. Wow this was so lovely to read. Thank you for sharing this Mel. I also love that songs have such an emotional attachment to our lives, relating to both good and bad memories.
    How was it dealing with family members reactions to your posts with jarring topics? It’s something that’s holding me back from starting because I want to be genuine but don’t want any negative feedback or judgment from them. It’s so inspiring how daring you are lol.

    Ps.. I couldn’t stop reciting ‘Mellifluent Melodies’ in my head 😂😂😂

    1. Hi Marvah! You’re right — songs don’t always take us back to a good memory, but nonetheless they’re powerful in that way.

      I have VERY loving family and friends. Most of them actually lived through certain phases of my life, so the stories themselves may not come as any surprise, but my perspective offers new insight on how they look back on that phase. Like, “Oh, that makes more sense now.”

      At the end of the day, I go back to the thought, “THIS IS WHO I AM.” And if the reader (family or friends or strangers) do not like or want to accept WHO I AM, then I really don’t have space for them in my life. Family and friends are supposed to love you unconditionally, in my opinion. Thankfully I’m surrounded by people that do.

      And honestly, you’d probably be surprised at how supportive your family and friends would be! Fear has a way of creating a “false narrative” — you only THINK they would be judgmental because fear tells you that there is something to judge to begin with. In reality, it is your story and truth to tell… and people would probably find you brave for telling it.

      Thanks for reading!


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