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3 Gifts for the UNTAMED You

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You may be wondering why I’m publishing such a blog the day before Christmas. Like, hello Melanie, my bank account is curled up in the fetal position still trying to process what has transpired in the last few weeks, and you want me to spend more money? Well, the short answer is YES. The long answer is that, in case you missed it, we’re not only entering a #newyear but also a #newdecade. It’s the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new one.


Over the last year, I only published only 10 blogs – this is 11 – in comparison to 45 the previous year. Quality over quality helps me not spiral over numbers like this, because I am so proud of what I did write this year. Yet, as the days passed, I did constantly fret: “You’re not writing enough.”

Here, today, though… I am no longer in that lack mindset of not doing or being enough. The reason why? Well, because the time I didn’t spend writing… I spent investing in myself. Loving myself. In so many glorious and transformational ways. The point of this blog is to serve as inspiration to you to invest in your own self as we prepare to enter this new decade.


“An investment in self-development
pays the highest dividends.”
Debasish Mridha





This 12-week program was life-changing: a transformation that I will carry with me forever. Since this was such an intensive program, stay tuned in the early new year for a full-length blog feature looking more closely at my experience in The Shift.

For now, I will share that this program was designed for any woman struggling with emotional eating, the symptoms of self-criticism, and negative body image. While I will reserve sharing my reasons for joining until the feature blog, the important thing to know about this program is that it’s about more than the pint of ice cream you ate in one sitting, or the extra belly fat you’re carrying around, or the way you refuse to leave the house without makeup on or show up at the pool party in a bikini.

This program is about finding a freedom and a peace within oneself through weekly lessons, deep self-reflection, community, meditation, and so much more. It is led by the Founder of Raw Beauty Co., Erin Treloar, who I couldn’t possibly say enough incredible things about. Some may say that there are other programs like this one, and to that, I would vehemently disagree.

Erin is a self-love pioneer and it is her passion, her experience, and her guidance that, combined, make this program so inherently unique, intimate, and unforgettable. There is a new group starting January 26, 2020… and as you look at this price, just know that it was the best investment I have ever made.

COST: $499. And worth every fucking penny.
[Payment plan available!]

Let Erin know I referred you for $50 off!



My creative bestie and personal life coach, Ashley, is the High Vibe Curator and Coach over at Vibewell. Her premiere program, Letters to Y.O.U., is a carefully curated package that will “teach you how to call in that which you desire, using the power of your words” because “you have the power to script joy over your life.”

Letters to Y.O.U. has literally been years in the making, perhaps even a decade in the making, as Ashley has personally used this technique in various stages of her own life. From seeking motivation to improve her health to creating and sticking to a budget, it has served as a powerful tool to creating her high-vibe life. Letters to Y.O.U. has even served as a cornerstone for the development of her very successful coaching services, which can also be added-on if you need additional 1-on-1 support in this process.

I am truly in awe of the work Ashley has done in creating such a comprehensive program that will help YOU create a high-vibe environment which will allow you to write your own story, exactly as you envision it.

COST: $27 – Yours for only $22 using code:
UNTAMEDYOU at checkout.



Affirmations have been a staple in my 2019 and it is all thanks to my dear friend, Yetti, whose combined strengths as a wellness warrior and an [unfiltered] self-love advocate joined forces to guide the creation of a powerful deck of affirmation cards. I have the OG deck as well, and am excited to add the RELOADED deck to my daily practice.

In Yetti’s words: “These self-love affirmation cards were intentionally created to encourage you to fall deeply and madly in love with yourself through daily reminders. Each custom written card provides you with your daily dose and a reminder to enjoy the skin you are in, and appreciate every single bit of you.”

We’re about to enter 2020, ladies. I know no better way to spend it than by taking a moment each day to affirm everything you are and everything you are capable of creating in your life.

COST: $30 – Get yours with 10% off using code:
UNTAMEDYOU at checkout.


I am ending this year so full of gratitude toward myself for showing up in so many ways that I never have before.

I have often quoted the great Carrie Bradshaw here at UNTAMED Melodies, but I truly believe: “The most exciting and challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”

So, at the start of 2020, and this new, unwritten decade of your life… I hope you choose you, too.

SIA – I’m Still Here
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4 thoughts on “3 Gifts for the UNTAMED You

  1. I am dropping every extra nickel I can into working with a coach who is helping my kickstart my brand. Your gift ideas are beautiful suggestions (on the same wavelength). Merry Christmas, Melodie. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’šโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’š

  2. I’m feeling pretty good that I gifted myself 2 out of three of these things!! in 2020 I’m investing more into not only my personal growth, but the growth of my little corner of the internet as well.

    Thanks for the inspo!

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