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Shifting Into A New Year and a New Gear:
My Experience in “The Shift” by Raw Beauty Talks

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Well, hello 2020! *waves*

I wanted to say, “And hello YOU!” but I immediately heard Joe Goldberg’s voice, and feared that you might, too. And I want nothing to deter you from reading this blog.

So… HELLO 2020! I’m ready to make it my best year yet! How about you?

If you read my final blog of 2019, 3 Gifts for the UNTAMED You, then you got a sneak peek of what I’m about to share. The purpose of that post, and especially this one, is to encourage you to invest in yourself this year. I’ll also let you know upfront that you can get $50 off this program! All you gotta do is…#saymyname #saymyname. That’s right, Erin, who I’ll introduce in just a moment is giving you $50 off your purchase if you let her know that I referred you. The next group starts January 26, 2020 and note that the $499 price-tag will increase to $597 after this cohort!


Now, on to the good stuff; but, before I get into the program itself, let’s rewind.

I was introduced to Raw Beauty Co. when Founder and CEO, Erin Treloar, was a guest on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast back in December 2018. I immediately followed Erin on Instagram @rawbeautytalks – and you should, too – and from there I entered a long-term love affair with her content and vision for women to live from a place of self-love.

I remember reading part of Raw Beauty’s vision statement and it resonated with me on such a fundamental level:


This was always how I wanted to be seen and see others, so, it felt as though I had found a home in this corner of the internet. In these few years, I have watched Raw Beauty Co. grow into a full-blown company to include, but not limited to, a recently-launched wellness shop, a can’t-miss podcast, and feature group coaching program …


The Shift is a 12-week guided, online program created to help you end the battle with food and your body. Created by certified health coach, Erin Treloar and approved by Dr. Hillary McBride, The Shift offers a step-by-step strategy, individualized support and tools to help you overcome emotional eating so you can finally feel amazing in your body and in your life. For more information visit : .

In August, I casually signed up for Erin’s free webinar on “Five Steps to Overcome the Battle with Food & Your Body.” While I didn’t necessarily feel any conflict in my relationship with food, I have been in a vicious battle with my body, particularly in recent years. I even blogged about it last year, documenting the harsh self-talk I was engaging in every time I looked in the mirror: “Hello chins!” And “Oh look, your waist line disappeared again. Also, you have a new stretch mark.” I was tired of defining my worth by my appearance, so I felt called to the webinar.

I invited my friend Ashley, of Vibewell Co. , to join me and after hearing the five simple steps, we were both ready to go all-in and join Erin, as well as some of the other participants, in a 12-week coaching program called The Shift. And all-in, we went. Even my money anxiety-having ass… went all-in. I have since been calling it the best money I ever spent.

The next twelve weeks were filled with so much… growth and transformation, awareness and compassion, challenges and triumphs, vulnerability and courage, laughter and tears. My goodness, there were tears. On the flip-side, there were also dance parties, inspiring women, an incredible coach guiding you through the lifework.

Most importantly, here are some of my favorite shifts:

  • I learned to be more mindful of what my body is asking of me. Sleep vs. movement vs. food, etc.
  • I learned about protecting my peace. And in doing so, I reached new depths and found new strength within my personal relationships.
  • I learned that self-care includes so much more than my face masks and bubble baths on Sundays.
  • I learned that food is more enjoyable when I slow down and experience it.
  • I learned that showing emotion is a healthy release.
  • I learned that the world will not come crumbling down just because a dress won’t zip up all the way.
  • I learned how to breathe through tough moments instead of letting my anxiety win.
  • I learned that investing in furniture and decor made my apartment feel more like home and less like a roof over my head.
  • I learned that all foods can exist in my diet without shame or guilt.
  • I learned that the mirror does not want to listen to my negative self-talk and that a #feelinmyself Beyonce moment while getting ready is much more fun.
  • I learned that fiction novels have a place on my bookshelf just as much as my beloved self-help books.
  • I learned that I might always feel like “something else is more important” but that I deserve time to self-love, even if it’s five minutes a day.
  • I learned that meditation is a powerful tool.
  • I learned that I always have a choice in everything I do.
  • I learned that when I feel free, connected, and influential, I feel my life has purpose and meaning.
  • I learned that being compassionate extends beyond what I show to others. I must be compassionate with myself.
  • I learned that I love to spend more time on the Innernet and less time on the Internet.
  • I learned that this self-love journey has no destination.

And that’s just to name a few… but, please notice how many of those directly related to food and/or my body. Not even close to half.

That’s the key here. At face value, The Shift is about freeing your mind from constant, overwhelming thoughts about food and your body. However, I promise you, you will walk away with so much more.


Now, I would be remiss if I did not specifically hype the one and only, Erin Treloar. Here is the testimony I wrote for her:

“When I think about Erin, a bunch of “P” words come to mind for some reason. Passionate. Pure. Positive. Pleasant. Playful. Present. Personable. Powerful. And most importantly: Precious. Erin is a rare, rare gem, pioneering and guiding thousands of women through their own self-love journeys.

When I signed up for The Shift, I expected to gain access to some curated videos and pretty handouts, but to be left mostly to my own devices for 10+ weeks. Well, by the end of the first week, I realized that in addition to the course content, I also had Erin directly in my inbox holding me accountable for the lifework. Meanwhile, I got to experience this journey alongside a group of inspiring women, each of whom bared their soul week after week, and in doing so, created a space where we could all show up as our most vulnerable selves. In turn, The Shift brought innumerable lessons, incredible tools, and irreplaceable connections. At the center and core of it all? Erin. Passionate, pure, positive, pleasant, playful, present, personable, powerful, PRECIOUS Erin.

The obvious level of care that goes into all her coaching services is simply unprecedented. With Erin as a coach, you have a Partner exuding all of those qualities above, and more. She was literally there every step of the way. She celebrated my wins, while helping me shift my mindset through inevitable challenges. She was intuitive, knowing when I needed a gentle nudge versus a strong, but loving, push. Her contagious and genuine enthusiasm surrounding my transformation served as a constant reminder that I am the capable, raw beauty she set out to help me discover. In doing so, I am now showing up in the world in a far more meaningful way that I ever thought possible. It’s no surprise, then, that I believe her coaching services are absolutely… priceless.”


SO, what are are you waiting for?! Say HELLO to 2020 and this new decade by shifting into the best version of yourself. I’ll leave you with this:

“People think that what’s important is that the world sees them, understands them, values them. That’s not what’s important. What’s important is that you see yourself, you understand yourself, and that you value yourself. A rainbow would still be a rainbow even if nobody looked up into the sky. Same goes for the stars, the Moon, and Saturn, too far away for any of us to see, still wears her rings! Be Saturn, be Moon, be stars, be a rainbow. See yourself.”
– C. Joybell C.

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4 thoughts on “Shifting Into A New Year and a New Gear:
My Experience in “The Shift” by Raw Beauty Talks

  1. Hi Melodie. I am already working on an eating and health regime for 2020. But I will totally keep this program in mind for the future. I believe you lead with integrity, so I take your recommendations seriously.

    1. Hi Suzana! This means so much! Leading with integrity is something that was instilled in me by my parents. I’m happy (and my parents would be too) that you see me that way! 💛

  2. I’ve been on the fence about trying the Shift since you first posted about it and I think I’m pretty much sold! All of the lessons you learned resonated with me so much and I’m glad the emphasis is not solely on food because oftentimes that is a symptom, not the problem!

    1. Ashleigh! Let’s chat!!! We can be Shift Sisters! There is a webinar that I think you can still sign up for. It’s LIVE with Erin herself and you can make your final final decision there!

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