About Me

UNTAMED (adj.): wild, free, unbroken
MELODIES (n.): a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying

Welcome to Untamed Melodies! 

My name is Melanie – not Melody, although my blog name would be even cooler if it were… thanks, Mom and Dad. I’m a 20[closer to 30]-something year old still trying to figure IT out. What is IT, you ask? Everything. I am still trying to figure EVERYTHING out. 95% of the time and in every aspect of my life, I do not have my shit together. The other 5% of the time, I’m doing a great job convincing myself and others that I very much do have my shit together.

This blog is about 100% of IT. So, if you’re looking for an informal life-coach, I am not your girl. That being said, I am unapologetically me and you will experience me and untamed melodies in their most authentic form. My interests abound, so you’ll find everything from stories about drinking too much wine and trying to cut my own hair to going on $800 shopping sprees only to realize I forgot to pay my $800 quarterly tax bill to ordering Papa John’s pizza so many times in one week that the delivery guy sees more of me than my roommates do. I’m calling this a LIFESTYLE blog, and using my “hot mess” lifestyle as inspiration for sharing new ideas, products, events, and in general, topics that are important to me.

I’m a lover of: writing, reading, education, all genres of music, fitness, baking, Netflix-binges, football (#HTTR #sigh), wine, beer, and Jack Daniels, dancing, traveling, shopping, amusement parks, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, and Grey’s Anatomy, but also Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy, pasta and Papa John’s pizza, not wearing pants or a bra, my bed, spending time alone, and spending quality time with the people I love.

I have a kaleidoscope heart and above all, I am a lover of storytelling. I am equal parts:


I hope you enjoy reading these melodies of my life, and selfishly, I hope that, somewhere along the way, I will finally figure IT all out.