About the Blog

(adj.): wild, free, unbroken

(n.): a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying

I’m Melanie — the dreamer and storyteller here at UNTAMED melodies.

I’m so glad you’re here exploring my little “corner of the Internet” as they say, but in all honesty, my hope is that your exploration births your own transformation. Of course, I will never claim to have this whole “life” thing figured out to the point where I’m someone to aspire to; but, through my melodies, I hope you will see the beauty of a life lived UNTAMED.

So, what does UNTAMED mean?

Well, first, let’s just say that it is so much more than a representation of my wild, crazy, and chaotic side. Ask anyone close to me… she exists and she is very much a handful.

To me, being UNTAMED means remaining unbroken despite life’s circumstances. It represents a desire to live your life fully and entirely unafraid of the pain, heartache, and suffering you will undoubtedly experience along the way. It’s getting back up every time you fall.

It’s forgiving yourself when you make mistakes while also finding grace and compassion for those who have wronged you. It’s accepting the good with the bad. It’s that old Frederich Nietzche quote: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Embracing this UNTAMED way of living means you are ready to love and embrace the process of living. It means you are ready to be a shining light in your own life. And in my 20-something years living, I’ve learned that being UNTAMED is a choice. So, I share my melodies, or stories, to inspire you to choose UNTAMED too.

Oh, and little about me…

I have managed to make a home of everywhere I have ever lived. Born and raised in a small-town in Virginia. Went away to college in Newport News, VA. Lived the big-city life for five years just outside our nation’s capital. And currently a self-proclaimed beach-bum living in sunny Destin, FL.

I obsess over Papa Johns Pizza, or any pizza really. On this topic, I’m a firm believer that pineapple does belong on pizza. I’m a #CarbQueen — lover of bread, pasta, and donuts. I do love healthy foods, too, though and my year spent as a vegetarian undoubtedly open my eyes to the world of a true foodie.

My top 3 favorite TV shows are: One Tree Hill, Sex and the City, and Grey’s Anatomy. I also loved Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. I also binge late-night Friends reruns like it’s my job. Not a huge reality TV fan outside of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette and Teen Mom.

I’m a lover of storytelling — in all forms. I am happiest when I’m writing orreading. Nothing excites me more in this world than a beautiful sunset. I think giraffes are the single-most unique animal to walk this planet, and henceforth, my favorite animal and collector’s item. My idea of a perfect date is staying in and cuddling with Netflix and wine… no pants allowed. 😉